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#rfgraff @roskildefestival14

100+ painters and volonteers work on creating amazing art on all the temporary walls of the festival. All in all they go through more that 7000 cans of spray to…

Huskmitnavn @roskildefestival14

Some people say it was about time and we can only agree, applaude and congratulate Huskmitnavn for finally getting the Tribune Wall in front of the Orange stage. He’s been…

#rfstreetheart @roskildefestival14

So this post will be in English – as we get so many visits from all over the world during Roskilde Festival. Every year for the past 5 years we…


And so we’re off. See you guys down there! Fotos: Martin Andreasen

HUSKMITNAVN @ Roskilde Festival 2013

Good Old faithful Huskmitnavn is here too with a few witty punchline buddies. 

Stine Hvid @ Roskilde Festival 2013

Our forever favorite brush girl is here too. She did this awesome chameleon piece around the Arene area.  

Ultragrøn @ Roskilde Festival 2013

Vi mødte ultragrøn i færd med at PaintBombe den store kuppel på camping øst.

Under My Umbrella Day 2 and 3 @ Roskilde Festival 2013

WOW! Boy does time fly when you have fun. Tre hektiske dag med dejlige workshops og fantastiske paraplyer er overstået og festivalens anden etape står for døren. Det har været en…

Under My Umbrella Day One @Roskilde Festival

One down 2 to go. I dag var første dag på vores workshop “Under My Umbrella” i Streetheart. Det gik skidegodt og der var overvældende mange deltagere allerede den første…