Roskilde 2018 – Warm up days

Monday morning and the art is on here at Roskilde Festival 2018. Artists from all over the world have once again come together to create one of the world’s largest backdrops for you to party (and sometimes piss) on. So while you’re busy seeing how much pee you can produce and meeting up with some nice new buddies – this is what’s going on.

Most of you guys arrived yesterday – but the artists have been at it for days allready – because it takes huge amounts of time to cover that much wall you know.

Since 1999, graffiti has been an important part of Roskilde Festival’s artistic identity. Back then three artists were invited to contribute. Now more than 100 international graffiti artists volunteer and come together in creating roughly 1.5 kilometres of fences and facades for you to enjoy during the festival. And we love them for it!

We’ve been walking around the festival grounds and camping area to capture a little bit of what’s going on, so you can enjoy life in your camp with your new found friends.

Here we go:

Skriv et svar

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